Top 5 Best Baby Crib Mattress And Their Features

Although the coil baby mattress is still the most popular type of crib mattress, that does not mean that it is any better than a foam baby mattress. You can find good quality mattresses of both types, but if you are interested in getting a coil baby mattress, here are a few things to look for to make sure you get the best one for your needs.

There is a likelihood that companies promise that they produce the best Natural latex mattress UK you can own. However, see to it that this organic baby mattress is for real. This is to say in the sense that, the material used is organic and not a cheap alternative stuffed inside.

Check the cover. Multi-layer covers are a good bet for durability, in case one layer gets worn through or compromised. Some crib mattresses have an anti-microbial layer on top, and this may help cut down on germs from spit-ups and diaper accidents. You can also check to see how the mattress cover is sealed. Do the plastic seams appear to be sturdy, or are they weak and ready to split open? Are fabric seams smooth from the start or do they appear stressed and ready to pop open? If allergies run in the family, a fully sealed crib mattress may be a good choice.

One of the most difficult choices for a mother or father is cloth or disposable diapers. You need to make that decision, but here are a few facts. There’s no denying that cloth diapers are far better for baby’s very sensitive skin. You can now buy 100% biodegradable inserts to go into baby’s cloth diaper to assist with the mess factor. Just one last thing is the disposable diapers do off-gas.

In fact, it’s not. Unless you like an extremely firm mattress, something that you would like would never be recommended for a baby. Because babies are still growing, their spines and other bones need far more support than we do. Also, a firm mattress prevents the baby from moving around too much and getting into a vulnerable position – like right next to the bars.

Check for allergens. Some organic crib mattresses can contain materials that will cause an allergic reaction in your baby. The usual culprits are those made with wool, which is a known allergen, and those that are made with natural latex. Coconut fibre is often dipped in latex too, so avoid it if you know your child is prone to allergies.

When a thing is described organic it means it is constructed out of materials that are toxin free. That’s the reason you need to buy an organic crib mattress; it won’t have the harmful chemicals. Just like anything make sure you research the product. Some crib mattresses have organic material inside, but still have vinyl on the outside, defeating the point. If you’re buying a non-organic mattress, ensure you give it plenty of time to air out before the baby is born. Do not air it out in the nursery; you may wish to but in a room having an open window.

When your kids graduate to a toddler bed, you can get them something a little softer. You might even want to start them off with a dual firmness crib mattress. It would fit both a crib and toddler bed (as do all crib mattresses), and is firm and waterproof on one side, softer and non-waterproof on the other. That way you get the most value for your money.

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