Music Promotion Megatips: Building Your Contact List

For a while I would give you my best small talk banter, but pretty soon in a burst of enthusiasm I would break, and start to tell you all about my favorite topic…

What’s the point of making one if no one will see it? Your best bet is YouTube, of course. Although with the broadest reach, upload your videos to other video-sharing sites as well. When it comes to free music promotion and selling your songs, getting greedy with video-sharing is not frowned upon.

This case study is a current project. So far, the clubs/venues love it and are looking at the band as “professional.” The media likes it and are opening the doors for music radio playtime. The Non-profits love the donations and are getting the band booked for fundraisers and so more community exposure events. The businesses love to offer their employees discount incentives that are entertaining and stress reducing. And by the way, there are more people attending their shows and becoming fans…

Promo Tip #43 Who are the VIPs in your community – who are the popular people in your area? Get to know them, give them a free CD and invite them to your show. When they speak, others will listen.

Make a music video! It doesn’t matter how cheap. – Be creative with this one. If you don’t already own a video camera, then try to borrow one. This doesn’t have to be a multi-million dollar video, just something to show people the personality behind the music. It can be shot, edited and uploaded for no cost at all. Get a friend to help out with the camera while you do your thing! Some of the best videos out there have been shot by handheld cameras with no budget. It comes down to your passion and creativity and once you have a video, get it uploaded as soon as you can.

The important thing is to get you onto these sites when they start and are fresh. MusicTV Video Share is new and will launch out in full this September. You have the opportunity to be the first there and that means front page! Google cache!

For a real simple and efficient way to produce some amazing hip hop beats then why not take a look at my free blog below where I show you how you can become a hip hop producer.

Promotion techniques for singers that I’ve listed here can lead to a manifesto of achievement! Not many people know how to do this, and like I said earlier, although it’s not a secret, it is explosive. You don’t have to be rich, just determined to make it.

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