Fighting Roach Brothers: Freddie, Pepper, Joey All Had Pro Careers

We had felt that twinge that said, ” You have reached a crossroad.” We had questions like: What do we still need to do? What have we learned so far? What do I want; what does he want? How much time do we have to do what we want to do? It was an exciting, scary time with new horizons and great adventures.

With aging, many face loss of ability to care for themselves, and unfortunately, many are left alone without the love and care that is needed and deserved.

Register in a course. Think of something that you have never done before and learn the skills to master it. Learn to speak another language, re-finish a piece of furniture or play a musical instrument. Perhaps you might even enter a diploma or degree program.

In the search for ourselves, we disassembled the people that we had become in order to please parents, grandparents, and children. We now reassembled ourselves and included all the parts, previously wanted or unwanted. The new, reassembled people were much more than the old ones could ever hope to be, wiser, more stable, more skilled, more humble, and with more to offer.

Ironically, his incarceration in a RN CEUs facility occurred six weeks after a landmark Supreme Court decision was handed down. The Olmstead decision states that “unnecessary institutionalization is discrimination”. Unfortunately, on the tenth anniversary, many states still have no real Olmstead plan to transition people with disabilities back into the community.

Helen: We have the pointy bras as well and I have mastered the art of … because, obviously, no one’s nipples are that pointy. You have to pad them out with tissue paper. Do you not do that?

Oh, and be very careful about thinking that a romantic relationship will solve everything. What may look good at the beginning might end up causing more problems in the long run.

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